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G.W TECH Cookie Policy

We use cookies to improve our websites, show content that is as interesting as possible and make sure that our services are safe.

G.W TECH website(s) use cookies or similar techniques, such as mobile identifiers or web beacons, on the websites, but never so that your privacy protection would be jeopardised.

First party cookies and other techniques typically used on our websites
• Cookies are small text files stored on the user’s device. Each cookie contains an anonymous unique identifier, which enables us to recognise the users and count the unique visitors on our websites. Cookies do not travel around the Internet by themselves; they can only be placed on the user’s device through a website requested by the user. Only the server which has sent the cookie can later read and use the cookie.
• JavaScript is a programming language which can be used for implementing interactive functionalities on websites or collecting data of the website users.
• Local storage technologies, such as local shared objects (Flash cookies) and HTML5 local storage, are similar to cookies. They can be stored on the user’s device to record details about certain activities or settings.
• Web beacons: Our websites also use techniques referred to as web beacons or pixel tags. These enable transferring data from the user’s device to our server. Web beacons can be embedded into website or email content. They enable our server to read certain data on the user’s device, determine when the user has viewed certain contents or a certain email, specify the date and time when the user has viewed the web beacon, and determine the IP address of the user’s device.

Managing the cookies on our websites
We respect your preferences concerning cookies and you are able to easily block cookies on our websites (except strictly necessary cookies).

However, you should bear in mind that inactivating cookies can affect the functionalities of our services. If you accept our cookies, the website works as expected and you will have access to all the functions.
Our websites are scanned with a cookie scanning tool regularly to maintain a list of cookies as accurate as possible.

Purpose of using cookies
We use cookies for a number of reasons. For example, we use them to improve our products and services, to show contents that match a user’s interests, and to ensure the security of our services. 

Who can access the data collected with cookies?
G.W TECH ICT accesses the data. Third party services and social plugins might collect data about the user’s visit in accordance with their valid privacy policies.

Cookies’ expiration time
We use session cookies, which expire once the user closes the browser. In addition, we also use persistent cookies, which remain on the user’s device for a specified period of time or until the user removes them. Cookies expires typically whenever you clear your browser cache.

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