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For a couple of companies in different industries, G.W TECH ICT has provided fibre optic cabling installation services for PONs and other solutions that have met the communication needs of today while preparing businesses for the opportunities of tomorrow.


Voice, video, data, and other electronic means of communicating are every day, yet integral, parts of any organization. And every day, systems wear out, offices get remodelled, or businesses open doors. Ensuring that the “basics” of voice and data are guaranteed means having the right structured cabling and network infrastructure in place with the utmost in service and support is our job at G.W TECH ICT.


The goal of any access control system is to let authorized people, not just their credentials, into specific places. Only with the use of a biometric device can this goal be achieved effectively. A card-based access system will control the access of authorized pieces of plastic, but not who is in possession of the card. Systems using PINs require an individual only know a specific number to gain entry; but who actually entered the code cannot be determined. On the contrary, biometric devices verify who people are by what they are, whether by hand, eye, fingerprint, or voice recognition.


G.W TECH ICT is well experienced, with certified expertise, in deploying wireless LAN solutions for customers throughout Nigeria.

Our Wireless LAN Solutions fall into two primary categories:

- Wireless Technology Rollouts – Larger wireless implementations involving complete site assessments, design, and implementation across multiple locations.

- Wireless in a Box – Bundled, turnkey solution in a variety of sizes. Suitable for single or multiple site installations.

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