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Facility Management & Consultancy Service

Good people! Clean buildings!! Better communities!!!

  • G.W TECH Facilities Management and FM consultancy services provide technical and operational solutions to large-scope, long-term, complex, and multi-serviced facilities across Nigeria.
  • We’re proud to offer professionally-trained team members and managers to provide the following services to you and your company. We service over 50 thousand square feet of space every day. With our FM and FM Consultancy Services, we want to help you do the following:
  • Focus and invest your limited resources to improve your core business, rather than in FM activities; with no commensurate result on your bottom line.
  • Manage clusters of your local and host community subcontractors to ensure performance, compliance and measurement, while providing single-point accountability to you.
  • Synthesize your organization’s quality objectives with the right suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Reduce cost and give you value for the money spent.
  • Access to Best Practice: With our global ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification, we have provided our customers access to best-in-class practices and standards that has helped them maximize their returns on investment.
G.W TECH Facility Management


G.W TECH Facility Management

FM Training!

G.W TECH Facility Management

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